About Us

What is Der Flugplatz? Who are we, well here are a few answers to the questions you weren't asking.

Jess at the controls of the Saab 2000

Our Story

Der Flugplatz is German for 'The Airfield', and was the idea of Jessica Bannister-Pearce. Jessica is a freelance aviation journalist with a real love of all things commercial aviation. She got tired of searching eBay for items to add to her collection, and she wondered if others felt the same. So she founded Der Flugplatz to focus solely on Airline Collectables.

In October 2019, she opened for business, with a full launch coming in February 2020. A month later the world began to Lockdown due to COVID-19. To say that 2020 has been challenging would be an understatement. 2021 continued to be challenging with events cancelled and travel limited. for 2022 though, we're hopeful that we can once again get out and about, and that we can begin to bring new products to the website.

Our Mission

We hope to bring you a great collection of Airline memorabilia, ephemera and more. There are no hidden fees, and we hope to take away the worry of dealing with an unknown person on eBay. we offer a safe and secure place to purchase that little bit of airline history.

We Buy as well as sell

If you've something you'd like to sell, be it a single item or a whole collection, drop us a line and see if we can do a deal.

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